ALBUM: Various Artists – Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars)

Various Artists Stars Rock Kill (Rock Stars) Album Tracklist

Fruit Bats – As I Rise (The Decemberists)
Old Unconscious – Anonymous Face (Quix*o*tic)
Shaylee – Hiding Behind The Moon (Jeff Hanson)
TEKE::TEKE – Corpse Pose (Unwound)
Foxx Bodies – One More Hour (Sleater-Kinney)
The Cribs – Finger-Nailed For You (Comet Gain)
Jen Cloher & Hachiku – Fairytale In The Supermarket (The Raincoats)
Eyelids – Holiday Innn (Stereo Total)
Hallelujah The Hills – Year Of The Glad (Marnie Stern)
Logan Lynn & Bitch – Standing In the Way of Control (Gossip)
Chateau Chateau – Wonderful Offer (Essential Logic)
Deerhoof – Don’t Talk Like (Sleater-Kinney)
NELS CLINE feat. Yuka & Ches – Jagged Fruit (Deerhoof)
Shutups – Milkman (Deerhoof)
Deerhoof – Hitch-hike (LiLiPUT)
Shaylee feat. Kynwyn Sterling – The Tears and Music of Love (Deerhoof)
Dave Depper – Twin Killers (Deerhoof)
Tamar Aphek – Speed Trials (Elliott Smith)
Xiu Xiu – Killing Distance (Long Hind Legs)
Ryan Sollee (The Builders & The Butchers) – Fire/Sign (Gossip)
Shaylee – Look A Ghost (Unwound)
MAITA – Bag Of Hammers (Thao & The Get Down Stay Down)
Califone – Family Swan (Mecca Normal)
Motrik – Headshrinker (Quasi)
Johanna Samuels – Single File (Elliott Smith)
The Hackles – Martian Saints (Mary Lou Lord)
Badlands – Lunatique (Stereo Total)
Little Mazarn with special guests Jad Fair, Thor Harris, and Craig Ross – Werewolf (Jad & David Fair)
Mike Watt + The Black Gang – Rebel Girl (Bikini Kill)
Mikaela Davis & Mary Lou Lord – Some Song (Elliott Smith)

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