LYRICS: V9 & Fumez The Engineer – Plugged In

V9 Plugged In Lyrics | V9 ft Fumez Plugged In Lyrics


It’s that time
V9 Plugged in with Fumez
It’s Zyron Blue baby
Some Sensei shit

[Verse: V9]
R-E-D-S-H-O-P, that’s the block, come fuck all the team
I will pull up, let that breath
Dragon breath, light up the scene
2 man step, that’s me and my friend
See them man and them man get stretched
Don’t get V9 vexed, I’m mad in the head
I’ll put them to bed
Samurai that down, samurai that now
Put a fuckboy down, don’t get caught when I pounce
Spin this car right now, see a yute in brown
Take your wig off, fam I’ll take you out
Semi auto rounds when I come out
I got penny, fam I’ll share that ’round
Free Billy right now, bro’s locked up but he’ll soon come out
Bro’s innocent, free my pal
Fling like Pooh Shiesty, but we need two .23s
Bro hit two with three, left man on the scene, no way can they chat on we
I don’t even pray at night anymore, God doesn’t want them man turning corspe
Still pull up like I’m doing up sports, I’m in the pot like forks
See man, they zip it like they walked
Rah, I’m tryna burn skin like toast, let it roast, slap his brain and ghost, or get chinged up, turned post
He got wet up like he fell off a boat
He turned Japanese, but he ain’t been abroad
Have you ever seen a big man soaked? Cause he got soaked, what a joke
Come like Moncler, don’t wet your coat, get dripped up, still do it and ghost
V9 too devilish, sauce bankai and I lick that
Or slap corn at your kids, I’ll get man down, I don’t care ’bout the impact
He’s related to him and her, might as well burst him first
Put that yute in the dirt, on a shirt, make it hurt
You can tell, it ain’t blanks, look at the way it slaps
We don’t do no cappin’, we do clappin’s
Serious slappin’s, I’m rollin’ and I’m packin’, looking for man in traffic
See them, let him have it, caught [?], he got damaged
How the fuck can they give gang verbal? Ryan got yinged up, shirt turned purple
But don’t risk it, shells ain’t got no name when it’s flingin’
When I got my sword I’m swingin’, chingin’
With a bad B I suck breasts like a child
Big or small, I still get around, but I like big backs, jiggle and bounce
Jiggle, jiggle, oh wow
Doggy style mash the pum-pum down
I go Fields, come let’s do some road
Who’s that? Wanna pree, pull up real slow
If it’s ZT, someone’s gotta go, unfold
WInd it down, let it blow, this gun ain’t a bluff, nothing like your’s
Look at the bells, it could take out a boat
Look at the stance when I slap at foes
Heard the man got hit in his back, pat on the back young lad
Delivered packs like Postman Pat
Young boy watched the man there packed
Can’t dodge this corn ’cause you can’t dodge fate
I’m looking for yutes I hate, with my mates
Shoot this straight, leave a boy in a state
Buck them, run away
Tell man follow the bait
Bro hop out the corn, go kray
Squeeze this, let’s make lemonade

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