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The Tion Wayne Story: Episode 2 In our second instalment of ‘The Tion Wayne Story’ we see Tion lay the foundations for a new path. Turning university ambitions his parents projected, into uni shows and the ladies favourite. This is Tion’s first real taste of money and fame outside of London. Tion began to see his own potential in the music scene, whilst leaving the street life behind.

The second episode of The Tion Wayne Story has arrived!

As the title of this series suggests, this documentary explores the journey of north London star Tion Wayne so far and includes accounts from the closest people in his life, as well as the rapper himself.

While episode one looked at the rapper’s very early days in Edmonton and music, the second instalment focuses on Tion’s first taste of success in the music industry after linking up with Afro B, balancing rap with university and finding fame outside of London.

Episode 2 of the docuseries has arrived just days before the release of Tion Wayne’s long-awaited debut album, Green With Envy, which is out on Friday (September 17).

Be sure to take in the second instalment above!

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